Monday, 16 May 2016

Whitening My Teeth With Doll White

I have been considering getting my teeth whitened for a while now but have been put off by the price and the worry that my teeth would become painfully sensitive. I came across Doll White whitening strips and decided to give them a try.

The Doll White strips are a really affordable way to whiten your teeth at home, a 7 day pack is only £12.99. I started to notice a difference in the colour of my teeth from first use so if your teeth aren't in need of serious whitening a 7 day pack maybe all you need.

There are a lot of at home teeth whitening kits available but I really wasn't keen on the ones you have to swill round your mouth or the ones you have to sleep in overnight. What I found appealing about the Doll White strips is that each set comes individually wrapped and once applied looks invisible on the teeth.

To use you apply the strips to clean, dried teeth (I just wiped the excess moisture off with a tissue) and leave them on for at least 30minutes. I applied them in the evening when I was having some chill time in front of the tv but you could apply them anytime. The strips stay on really well so you don't have to deal with them slipping off.

I started to notice a difference in my teeth after the first use and my teeth are now about 4 shades whiter after just a weeks use. Two things I have really liked about these strips are the fact that they don't have any nasty taste during or after application and they also haven't made my teeth feel sensitive.

I would definitely recommend trying these out if you are looking for a quick teeth whitening fix. Doll White currently has free shipping so if you want to try them out there is no better time to do so!

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