Monday, 23 May 2016

La Biosthetique Soleil

La Biosthetique has been a favourite skin care brand of mine for a while now and when I save they had released a new and improved sun care range I knew I had to pick some up for the summer ahead.

Having very fair skin that burns at the slightest sight of the sun I always need to use a strong protection factor. I also like to always have a small tube of sun cream in my bag in case the sun decides to show its face when I'm out and about.

I have found that the La Biosthetique Soleil Stick Solaire SPF 30 is perfect for topping up my SPF under my eyes and on my lips. It also has an amazing vanilla scent which just reminds me of tropical holidays. The Creme Solaire SPF 50+ is also a favourite of mine, keeping my face fully protected from any sun damage. It sits nicely under make up but also doesn't leave the skin looking shiny when applied by itself.

For my body I have also opted for thick cream SPF's in the past but this year I decided to try out the Spray Invisible SPF30. I have to say I have been really impressed, it applies a light weight spray which quickly absorbs and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy of sticky. I think this would probably be a really good product if you had kids because it's so quick and easy to use. It is also great for quick top ups if you are sitting by the pool.

Even after wearing a high SPF my skin is always in need of a little tlc. Along with the new sun protection range La Biosthetique has also released two new after sun products. I have the Creme Apres-soleil which is the after sun for the face. It is a lovely creamy texture which gently moisturises the skin. When I go away or have been in the sun for a while I use this instead of my usual moisturiser and it really leaves my skin feeling hydrated.

Top Tip!
A tip which I was passed onto me by my La Biosthetique skin care consultant is, if you are going away to a sunnier climate is to make sure that you fully wash off your SPF at the end of everyday, before applying your aftersun. By using a light scrub you can make sure that nothing is left sitting on your skin. This will not only help your skin feel soft but will also help your tan last.

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