Monday, 25 January 2016

My Little Wish Box

My Little Wish Box has started the year off well for My Little Box. My box arrived a little later then I had hoped but needless to say once I had opened it I was impressed with it's contents. With it's uplifting vibes this box encourages you to make 2016 your year.

In January things can feel a little blue as Christmas is over a life returns to normality, My Little Wish Box has some lovely quotes to inspire you this 2016.

"Wake up every morning with a new desire"

"Waste no time to say... I love you"

Accompanied by the usual combination of the My Little Box magazine and print this month is a rather lovely diary. This diary is really good quality and has plenty of space to write down your plans, wishes and goals for the upcoming year. Alongside the weekly views are some beautiful illustrations.

Petits Riens are a selection of four friendship ribbons and a final treat for yourself. Each ribbon has a sentiment to share with the friends in your life.
"For those who are too far away..." 
"For the starry-eyed dreamers..." 
"For those preparing to set sail..." 
"The eternally restless..." 

Noxidox Mask & Peel - This is a lovely light exfoliating face mask, it has very fine exfoliating particles which I think will even work for sensitive skin without being too rough. This exfoliator has a light perfume scent but nothing too over powering, I'm looking forward to trying this out in my daily skin care routine.

REN 3-in-1 Cleansing Water - A handy travel sized cleansing water ideal for travel and from a brand I have used before and trust. I know this will be a great product and one that I will get lots of use out of, especially with my upcoming trip to America this Summer.

My Little Beauty Make A Wish - Although this doesn't actually say what it is anywhere I have made the guess that this is a moisturising lip balm. It has a lovely silky feeling on the lips which leave a layer of gentle hydration.

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