Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Party Proof Your Skin with Gold Collagen

You might remember I did a post back in May reviewing the Gold Collagen 30 Day supplement trial, well I have another Gold Collagen review for you. This time it's something a little different, Gold Collagen have launched a new range of Hydrogel Masks and I jumped at the chance to try them out!

I find as Winter comes around and the weather gets colder my skin starts to really suffer from dryness. Add to that late nights at Christmas parties and the odd glass of bubbly my skin looks tired and unloved.

I have tried using overnight moisture masks but have found that unless I use them several times a week the noticeable benefits just aren't there. When I read about this Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask I was really interested to give it a go. Different from other sheet masks I have tried before this mask is made from a gel like material. Using "second skin" technology it fits your facial contours perfectly.

Simple to use, this mask is a 20-40minute treatment great for if you want an excuse to take some time out from the madness of Christmas. It is recommended to use the mask once a week to keep skin in it's best condition.

How to use:
1. Cleanse and dry face thoroughly
2. Open pouch, remove mask from films and apply to face.
3. Leave on face for 20 to 40 minutes.
4. Remove the mask gently. Excess moisture will be absorbed.

The Sciency Bit
The unique water soluble bio-matrix mask encapsulates an advanced formula of moisturising and regenerating ingredients designed to support skin's natural renewal process for improved skin hydration, texture and radiance. 

The mask formula contains:
- Pearl extract derived from the freshwater pearl, Pinctada martensil, a good source of antioxidants.
- Hyaluronic Acid, found naturally within the skin, which supports moisture retention, leaving skin looking plump and moisturised.
- Botanical complex, a powerful blend of botanical antioxidants including Red Algae and Tea Tree, which leaves skin fresh and hydrated.
- Glycerin to help the skin attract and retain moisture.

My Final Thoughts
I have to say I was very impressed with this product, from it's ease to apply to the final results. I have found that I got the best result when I applied the mask after having done a deep cleanse and light skin exfoliation. Removing the top layer of dead skin means that the mask can work deeper into the skin.

After exfoliating my face and drying, I got myself all relaxed on the sofa with a movie on ready to relax. Following the simple instructions on the back of the packet I peeled the sheet off the firms and applied to my face. The mask comes in two parts, a forehead, cheek and eye mask and then a mouth and chin mask. This means that the mask fits perfectly no matter what size your face is.

The mask does stick well the the skin and didn't feel like it was slipping off, however I would advise you try and sit still and relax whilst wearing it just in case.

I like to leave the mask on for the full 40mins to make sure I get the maximum benefit from the mask. Once you remove the mask any excess product can be left on your face to sink in.

It says to apply the mask once a week in the morning or evening, I prefer to apply it in the evening when I can take the time to let all the moisture sink in without having to worry about applying makeup over the top.

The morning after using the makeup my skin still looked plump and full of moisture, I noticed this especially around my eye area when my skin really needed the hydration. I found that my makeup seem to glide onto my skin much smoother then usual and my foundation looked nicer.

I think sheet style masks are the easiest way to give your skin some loving without the faff and hassle of having to wash off the mask afterwards. If your traveling this holiday season these masks are ideal as they are individually wrapped and they have minimal mess (just throw away mask when your done) so if your brave enough you can use them on the go eg. on a train, plane or car.

Gold Collagen is available to buy at Boots and if you buy 3 or more Gold Collagen products at Boots before 29.12.15 you will receive a FREE one month supply of the Hydrogel Masks!

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  1. Really love, what they do! Haven't tried the masks, though, but their liquid collagen, made to drink, is a pure magic :)