Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Trying out some French skincare

La Roche-Posay is a French skincare brand which has been raved about by what feels like every beauty blogger. This brand used to be really hard to get a hold of in the UK but it has recently become more readily available. I picked up a few bits to try from Feel Unique.

The first thing I picked out was a lip balm, I figured that you can't really go wrong with a lip balm. This lip balm is perfect for winter, it is a very thick balm which coats the lips with a protective barrier. Even though it is really thick it has no colour at all so it doesn't leave your lips with any sort of weird sheen. If your off skiing I think this is a must have because it will definitely protects your lips against the elements.

I never really know what to expect when it comes to eye creams. This anti-eye bags is a gel formula which glides on really nicely. I have found that only a small half pea sized amount is plenty for under both eyes. I can't say if this has had any real effects yet as I have only used it a couple of times but it does feel nice a light on the skin.

This soothing lotion feels lovely on the skin. After I have removed my makeup I apply this to a cotton wool pad and wipe all over my face. It helps to remove any impurities that may be left behind after cleansing but doesn't leave the skin feeling tight. I have found that toning products can sometimes make my skin feel dehydrated but this leaves my skin feeling nicely refreshed.

The Thermal Spring Water is definitely a princess product. I really enjoying spritzing this over my face at any time of day. It works both under and over makeup and if your feeling hot it's the perfect thing to call yourself down. I had used a sample of this before when I was in Thailand and every member of my family loved it. If your a fan of skincare I would recommend this, I think it is one of those products that once you've tried it you'll be hooked forever.

La Roche-Posay isn't an expensive brand and is often on special offer on Feel Unique so if your interested in trying it out I would highly recommend it.

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