Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tanya Burr Nail Polish Review

A few weeks ago I was browsing Feel Unique and noticed that they had Tanya Burr's nail polishes on a special offer of 60% off (they are still available online now if your interested).

Left to right: Fireworks, New York Night, Mischief Managed, Riding Hood, Penguin Chic

Tanya Burr first launched her nail polish collection last year. A year on, she has since decided to repackage her whole makeup collection. I think this is probably why the old packaged collection is being sold at 60% off on Feel Unique.

I had tried a couple of the nail polish shades when they originally launched, so knew that  the quality of the polishes was good. I do really like Tanya's nail polishes and it happened that all the shades left in stock were perfect for Autumn/Winter.

The polish formulas are highly pigmented and I have found that only two coats are needed to get the full colour pay off desired. Each coat dries quickly, when applied in thin layers which means painting your nails is quick and easy. There isn't to much drying time either so you have to wait around being ultra careful so as not to smudge your nails.

My favourite shades which I picked up are Mischief Managed, New York Night and Riding Hood. Each of these shades are perfect to Autumn!

Left to right: Mischief Managed, New York Night, Riding Hood

You can buy Tanya's full collection as well as the polishes that are on special on Feel Unique. I had a chance to try out any of her new collection yet, but I look forward to trying them in the future. Her new line of eyeshadow palettes look really exciting!

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