Thursday, 5 November 2015

Healthy snack ideas with Graze

Since I started working in a office at the beginning of the year I have really started to notice a difference in my body shape and eating habits. Before, when I was at uni I used to do a lot of walking and because I was out an about I didn't really have time to snack.

Although I eat healthily at meal times working in an office has led me to snack more. With the constant temptation of birthday cakes and the biscuit tin I have found myself gaining a little unwanted weight. Now I'm not overly obsessed with how much I weigh, but I think now that I have started to notice the slight weight gain I need to start making healthier choices so things don't get worse over time.

When I was in school I used to have a Graze box subscription, I found the portioned out snacks great for carrying around with me, so I decided to subscribe again. 

The great thing about Graze is the ease and convenience of the snacks. I get my Graze box delivered directly to my office so that I have some tasty snacks in my desk when I'm feeling tempted by the biscuit tin. What I have found to be so great about rejoining Graze is that it is now really easy to pick the snacks I want to receive. With all the nutritional information available on the Graze website it is easy to pick snacks that fit in with my healthy eating plan. 

I ask for a selection of healthier snacks (nuts and dried fruits) and the occasional treat like the flapjacks and brownies (the honeycomb flapjacks are amazing!). 

I have found that the individual packets are also perfect for when I'm on the go. If I know I'm going to be out all day I like to take a snack with me. I think there is nothing worse then being out and then feeling starving. This is when I would usually pop into the closest shop and pick up a chocolate bar (naughty I know) but now I'm always prepared.

It's making these small healthier decisions which I think will help stop me putting on weight with my change of lifestyle.

Graze is such a simple concept and if your busy working or studying having healthy snacks delivered directly to your door is a massive time saver.

Get your first Graze box FREE today by using this link here or by using the discount code - 9XW2NNV2P when signing up! There are a few different box options now available to suit your lifestyle, you can pick from the normal box, the light box or the protein box. 

If you already subscribe to Graze let me know your favourite snacks and what I should try next.

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