Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fleur De Force lipgloss review and Stila dupe?

Fleur de Force has just launched her first makeup range to follow on from her last launch. The range includes lip gloss, eyeshadow quads and a cosmetic bag all are available now on Feel Unique. Having watched Fleur's video where she first shares the news of the products I knew I'd have to give them a go (I don't take much convincing to try something new).

I went for the most neutral shade in the range - Written in the Stars. This is the perfect 'your lips but better' shade and I have found that it's great for everyday as it adds just the right amount of colour to your lips. The formula of the lipgloss is lovely and creamy which makes it really easy to apply. It is a think, highly pigmented formula, very similar to liquid lipsticks that I've tried in the past. Due to it's thick formula I have found it has much better staying power then other lipgloss's I have used.

The finish of the gloss isn't ultra glossy, it leaves the lips with more of a soft creamy looking finish, which I really like. I'm not overly keen on the ultra shiny mirror finish glosses so this one is pretty perfect for me. I have trailed out the staying power of the gloss and was pretty impressed. It doesn't last all day but fades very evenly so not not left with a patchy outline after eating or drinking. On me it lasted around 2/3 hours in which time I had done lots of talking and had a few drinks.

Overall I am really impressed with this Fleur de Force lipgloss. At just £6.99 I think it's a great price and it's going to be a handbag staple for me. I will definitely be picking up some more shades from the range. I think the next one I want to try is the red shade Lucky Star.

I got this Stila vinyl lip gloss in a Sephora lip mini's set quite a while ago now. It instantly became one of my favourites due to it's easy to wear shade and long staying power. When Fleur's lipgloss arrived I noticed how similar the colours were and thought it would be good to compare the two. They are different ends of the price range with Fleur's lipgloss being £6.99 and the Stila lip gloss at £18.00.

The shades are slightly different so they aren't a perfect dupe but I think they are very similar. In the tube they look pretty much identical but once on the lip you notice Fleur's gloss is a little pinker then the Stila gloss. The Stila gloss claims to be a 'Stay All Day' gloss and I do think the staying power does last a bit longer then Fleur's, however I haven't found that it stays all day on me. The formula is thick and quite sticky so it does transfer a little when drinking, so the top glossy layer does fade. However it does leave the lips with a hint of colour which does last a long time approx. 4-5 hours.

I think if you are looking for an everyday lip gloss and aren't to bothered with doing the occasional touch up the Fleur de Force shade is perfect. It does the job really well and has a friendly price tag. If you are willing to spend more the Stila gloss is good but I think I would repurchase Fleur's gloss over it when they do run out.

If you have tried any of Fleur's other glosses let me know which ones your favourite!

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