Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A vist to Lush Oxford Circus

 Last week I visited the Lush store on Oxford Circus for the first time. I was instantly blown away by the size of the store. My nearest Lush in Watford is really tiny so entering into this three floor Lush was a dream!

As always with Lush stores it was packed with staff who are all so happy and polite. It felt like there was a member of staff for each customer and they were so willing to help out with any questions. I was given some amazing advice on the facemasks and can't wait to try out the Cranberry mask which is a winter limited addition mask.

These pumpkins are some of the most amazing bubble bars I have ever seen. Covered in gold glitter they look like the ultimate halloween treat, I did resist these though because I hate having to clean the glitter off the bath after I use a glittery bath bomb/bubble bar.

The Comforter is my holy grail Lush product. I have repurchased this bubble bar more times then I can remember and would 100% repurchase it again. It is one of the more expensive Lush bath bombs/bubble bar products but what you've got to remember with this one is that you don't use the whole bar in one go. I break the bar up into about 8 and just crumble a little into my bath, you still get all the amazing bubbles but don't feel like your wasting the product if you only want a quick bath. This bubble bar leaves your bath with a milky water which when you get out makes your skin feel soft and moisturised. The small as you can probably guess is also amazing! If your not into pink bath products they also do an orange, blue and purple version, each with different scents.

I was very good when visiting the Lush on Oxford Circus and only picked up two bath bombs. I feel like I did a really good job of holding myself back as it's so easy to get carried away and want to buy the whole store out!

I picked up the Butterbear bath bomb and Cinders bath bomb.

The Butterbear bath bomb is something that I have used before and loved. It has a lovely vanilla scent and I find it's great bedtime. It has cocoa butter in the bar so your skin is left feeling so moisturised and nourished. It's great for nights when your feeling tired and just want to relax and get straight into bed.

The Cinders bath bomb is perfect for the Autumn/Winter months, it has the lovely warming fireside scent. It's main scents are cinnamon leaf, almond and orange which transport you to being snuggled up in front of the open fire. I haven't tried this bath bomb out yet but I think it is going to be perfect on a cold and wet winter evening. The smell reminds me of fireworks night which is my favourite time of year.


  1. I really need to get to a Lush store. Look at all these goodies! Great post!

    xo Tiffany | tiffanymay.org

    1. It really is an amazing store! Just be careful when you go in because everything is so tempting! x