Saturday, 26 September 2015

True Brit Nail Varnish Review

I met the True Brit team at Bloggers Fashion Week and fell in love with their luxury nail polish collection. True Brit is an all British brand which design and manufacture all aspects of their products in the UK. They are a brand which is truly proud of being British and each nail polish is named after something that's quintessentially British.

(Apologies for the state of my nails I had broken two the day before painting them)

The nail polishes have been carefully formulated for long wearing intense colour. I tried out the shade Pall Mall which is a beautiful deep red. The colour is an excellent dupe for the top selling Chanel Rouge Noir.

I work a lot with my hands and find that nail varnishes chip or peel away pretty quickly so I am always keen to test out a nail polish that claims to be long lasting. I wanted to test out how good this True Brit polish really was so I painted my nails without the added layers of a base or top coat. The formula of the nail polish was easy to work with, allowing me to apply thin coats at a time. Having said this even though the coats I applied were very thin I only needed two coats to gain the final colour payoff I was looking for (photo above is two thin coats).

I painted my nails on Sunday morning and went through my usual Sunday routine of doing loads of washing, cooking dinner and having a shower etc. By the end of the day my nails were still chip free and looking good. Monday was just a usual work day sitting and my desk and the same with Tuesday, still no chips to my nails! On Wednesday I had to make up some Christmas boxes for work, this was unfortunately when my nails began to chip. However I am really not surprised it making boxes involved lots of folding of thick card, stuffing of products and moving boxes in the warehouse.

Overall I was really impressed with the True Brit nail polish. I would highly recommend giving them a go. At only £12.50 each they're also pretty great value for money for a luxury product.

Having tried out the Pall Mall shade I have a few more now that I am looking forward to trying out. With several amazing collections there are a lot of colours to chose from but these are some of my favourites for the Autumn/Winter season. I partially like the gorgeous red Windsor polish and I think Heirloom will be perfect to add some sparkle for the party season.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have tried any of the other True Brit colours and have recommendations please let me know!

*Pall Mall was a sample product but all opinions of this product are my own and this post is not sponsored by True Brit

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