Thursday, 27 August 2015

Speedy Superfood Salad

I wanted to start eating healthier at work, but after having spent all day at work the last thing I wanted to do when I came home was to prepare a salad, so I found myself throwing together a quick sandwich in the morning before running out the door. What I have now got into the habit of doing is making a massive salad bowl on a Sunday evening which I leave in the fridge and portion out each day for lunch. This has massively improved my efforts to eat healthily and I find the salad is far more filling then having a sandwich.

Here's how I make my Speedy Superfood Salad:
2 Large Carrots
3 Sticks of Celery
1 Red Pepper
Approx 100g Sweetcorn
300g Mozzarella Balls or Chopped Mozzarella

Finely chop the celery, carrots and red pepper to roughly the same size. The mixture of the different tastes and textures make the salad really filling and delicious. If you are looking to bulk it out some more either add more celery or for added flavour add some cooked chicken. Each portion of the salad contains 4 of your 5 A Day so if your looking for something healthy and quick this is ideal.

Assemble all the ingredients in a large container. This will make it easy to store in your fridge ready for whenever you need it. Season with salt and pepper if you think it needs it but for my taste the Jamie Oliver packet contains enough delicious flavour.

I have tried to do a rough guide of the nutritional content, I scanned in all the correct foods on My Fitness Pal but the weighs of each serving may be a little different. I went on the assumption that the salad can be split into 6 portions.

Calories - 209
Fat (g) - 10.7
Carbs (g) - 15.7
Protein (g) - 11.5

I know that eating healthy can be quite expensive with the high price of fresh fruit and vegetables, this salad however is really great value for money. I have worked out the cost per serving of this salad with the ingredients being bought from Waitrose. Hopefully this will give you a rough idea of how much it will cost you even if you shop elsewhere.

Cost Per Serving - £0.88

I you all like this recipe and if you have any other recipes which you like please share them with me as I'm always looking for new things to cook. I will be posting more healthy recipes over the next few weeks as I am really making a personal effort to eat healthy after a not so healthy summer.

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