Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Soap and Glory Haul

So I finally gave in and bought myself some Soap and Glory make up products. Soap and Glory was on a three for two offer in Boots so then was no better opportunity. Having heard and read so many reviews from fellow bloggers and YouTubers I was pretty confident in which products I should pick.

Of course I had to give the Solar Powder Bronzer a go as what feels like every blogger has recommended it at some point. I also picked up the Glow All Out highlighter because it looked like the perfect summer shade.

This highlighter has a lovely light pink shimmery colour which is perfect for adding a hint of tint to the cheeks and top of the cheekbones. The powder left my skin with a healthy glowing from within finish which looked great during the day. The product lasted well on my cheeks and didn't cake up when reapplied later in the day.

This was the product I was really looking forward to trying out. The half and half bronzer makes it easy to add depth and dimension to your cheekbones. The darker side is matt which makes it great for contouring cheek bones while the paler side has a hint of shimmer which is great for all over the face.  I found this product really lovely to use and both sides were easy to build up to create a more dramatic contour.

One down side to this product is the packaging the cardboard finish I think cheapens the product a little, but the good news is I think they have now changed the packaging to match that of the other highlighters and blushes!

Another blogger recommended must have is the Archery 2-in1 Brow Filling Pencil and Brush. Commonly recommended as a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wiz this costs a fraction of the price at just £8.00 (but I got for free in the 3 for 2). The pencil comes with a super skinny pencil nib which gives you maximum control when applying.

Having given the pencil a go it is a great buildable product which makes shaping brows easy. The Blondeshell shade is also perfect for my skin tone and hair colour. However I have to say it does take a while to get enough product out to fill in your brows completely. I found the product to have quite a hard consistency so I had to press quite firmly for the product to work.

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  1. Archery is my go to brow product now, so inexpensive but good quality too!
    Love this little haul - I need to try out some more of their beauty products.
    Sam xx