Thursday, 30 July 2015

Purrfect Box Review

Anyone who knows me well will know that I have two beautiful cats who I love to death! I have seen YouTubers review Bark Boxes and was curious to see if they did a Cat Box in the UK. I came across Purrfect Box on Twitter and had to order one!

The Purrfect Boxes work in the same way as a monthly beauty box subscription, you can pay for your box monthly or buy a whole year and get a slightly discounted price. At the moment they are doing an offer where you can get your first Purrfect Box for free, all you need to do is pay for the postage which is only £2.90. I thought this was a great idea so ordered mine straight away!

When you order your first Purrfect Box you are asked to set up your cats profile, this is so that they can send the right type of products to you. They ask your cats name, breed, size and age. If you have multiple cats you can update your profile each month to get a different box for each cat. I put in the details for my youngest cat Poppy because she's a bit more playful an active them my older cat Jet.

The box arrived on the 23rd of the month (delivery time is anytime between 20th-25th via Royal Mail) and it came in a hard to miss bright pink package! I think the contents must have had an interested small because Poppy followed me when I went to open the box.

Inside was a mixture of toys, treats and some relaxing catnip spray. I think 6 full sized products is very good value for money, especially as they all seem very good quality. Poppy was instantly impressed with the purple knot toy which has a strong scent which is similar to cat nip.

The two packets of treats also seemed to go down well, they weren't from brands I've ever bought before so it was nice for both my cats to give them a try.

Poppy may look quite big but she is still a kitten and only around 7 months old so having all the toys really keeps her occupied when I'm out the house at work.

Everything in the box has been played with and used by both my cats so overall I am very impressed with he box and it's contents. It is definitely something I would recommend if you have cats.

You can find more details about Purrfect Box on their website - or follow them on twitter to see many more customer reviews.

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