Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Graduation Guide

Whether your graduating from high school or university, you'll be celebrating a massive achievement. Here are some helpful tips for when it comes to packing your clutch.

You don't want to be carrying around a handbag full of stuff you won't need, so here are the things you really need to keep with you on graduation day! The only other editions you may need, which I haven't included in this guide are a pair of sunglasses (depending on the weather), a compact camera and your phone.

Beauty Essentials
To keep yourself looking tip top for all your photos and feeling fantastic all day pack yourself some makeup essentials.

Starting from the obvious a powder compact will keep any shine at bay and also keep your skin looking flawless. Something else that will help you staying flawless is concealer, you may not need to use it but if it's a hot day you may find your makeup will wear off throughout the day.

Taking a lipgloss/ lipstick is also essential. With all the chatting and smiling you'll need to keep reapplying throughout the day.

A mini perfume is optional but it's quite nice stay smelling fresh.

Finally hairspray, it will not only help your hair stay in place but you can also use it to give your hair a little refresh after taking your cap off.

Things you'll probably forget/ won't even think about taking
Between thinking about what you're going to wear, what to do with your hair and how to do your makeup, there's a lot to consider! It's the smaller things you forget to think about, some things I wish I had packed with me on the day were safety pins, hair grips and blister plasters. 

Safety pins are essential for not only keeping your sash in place but it also helps keep your gown on. On my graduation I found my gown kept slipping off my shoulders, which was really annoying, and not something you want to be worrying about.

Hair grips are also great for holding things like your sash and gown in place but they are also really good for helping your graduation cap stay on.

Blister plasters probably don't need explaining but if your thinking of wearing helps be prepared!

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