Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How To Dress Up Your Plain Black Dress

Every girl has a little black dress in her wardrobe, it's the number one wardrobe staple. There are many different styles the little black dresses can come in, and finding your perfect LBD is what matters. What may look good on one person may not look so good on their best friend! For me my LBD is a basic skater dress. I have worn my LBD so many times you would think that I would be sick of it by now but I'm actually not. I have worn it with so many different accessories and jackets that no outfit has ever been the same.

A lot of people say that your little black dress is the one piece of clothing which you should invest in and spend a little more then you usually would on a dress. Now I do agree that if you have managed to find the dress that makes you feel amazing yes splash as little extra money but I don't think you really need to spend a lot to feel good. My dress cost me around £12 and I love it! I think that if you are looking for your perfect dress ASOS is always a great place to look because you'll find dresses ranging from £8 - £300.

Here is one thats very similar to mine.

My key styling tips for a little black dress are:

1. Add a statement necklace.
There are so many different styles of statement necklace and again like your choosing your LBD its finding the one that's right for you a your personal style. I picked up this layered chunky pearl necklace really cheaply off Ebay and I love it!

2. Dress it up or down with a jacket
I like to take a jacket when I go out int the evening because even in the summer it can get a little chilly. I usually go with an oversized blazer because it compliments the shape of my dress, but that looks tailored will keep your outfit smart.

3. Add a pair of heels
I like to wear heels when I go out in the evening. My personal preference is nude heels because I think they do a fab job of elongating your legs but I do think heels are a great place to inject some colour into your outfit.

4. Think about your makeup
A bold red lip always looks great with a black dress. One of my favourite red lips is the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Amazing Grace. It gives your lips a lovely natural red look but is also easy to maintain throughout the night because it fades naturally.

5. Finish with a clutch bag
If you have gone for a nude/ neutral heel option its nice to inject a little colour into your outfit with cute clutch bag. I often wear the metallic gold Rebecca Minkoff bag because it adds colour without being to out there. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap which I find really hand so you have your hands free throughout the evening.

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