Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Dior Addict Gloss Review

The Dior Addict Gloss in 063 Fascinante is part of the Mirror Shine Volume and Care Lip Gloss collection. The gloss is made with the Mirror Shine Complex which uses polarised crystalline micro-spheres to reflect the light, leaving your lips with a mirror finish. The gel formula also claims to plump and moisture your lips leaving them with a volume boosted effect.

Having tried the gloss I can confirm that your lips are left looking fuller and plumper. When applied in a thin layer your lips aren't overly shiny and "mirror effect" but the gloss can be layered to create a much glossier finish. I personally prefer one lip coat of gloss because I don't like the feeling of overly glossy lips. 

The product doesn't have a very strong pigment but this shade does leave your lips with a soft pink tint. It wears pretty well on the lips but you do need to reapply if you eat or drink anything, but the good news is because the packaging is attract I don't mind topping up my lips in public. The gloss has a glossy constancy and feels similar to vaseline on your lips which is great because it means you don't get the sticky hair in lip gloss issues you can get with thicker products. 

I would recommend this lip gloss if you're looking for something nice a light this summer but also want to treat yourself to something a little more luxury. £22.50 is pretty expensive for a lipgloss and there are many other comparable products available in the drug store. But if you want to splash out on something you can wear everyday it's a great product to go for.

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