Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Half Healthy Chocolate Cookies

This recipe makes 12 cookies

What you'll need:
100g butter or stork margarine
75g coconut palm sugar
25g caster sugar
130g self raising flour
1 medium egg
35g cocoa powder
1tsp vanilla extract 
1/2 cup white chocolate chips
1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
1/2 raw cacao nibs

Pre-heat your oven to 180°c

1. Mix together butter and sugars until a smooth creamy texture.

2. Add the egg to butter and sugar mix and combine until fully mixed.

3. Sieve and then fold in the flour and cocoa powder.

4. Add vanilla extract, chocolate chips and cacao nibs.
You don't have to add the chocolate chips, you could replace these with nuts or fruits if you prefer. The cacao nibs are a great additive to give the cookies a nice nut like crunch with a deep chocolatey taste.

5. On a grease proof paper covered baking sheet, spoon out your cookie mixture into golf ball sized portions. Leaving plenty of space around them to allow the cookies to spread.

6. Place in the own for approx 7-10mins. You will want to take your cookies out when they are fully cooked on the outside but still a little soft to touch. This will make sure your cookies don't become dry once they have cooled. If you don't like your cookies with a soft centre however leave them in to cook for longer.

Although this doesn't seem like the healthiest recipe it is better for you then a standard cookie recipe. By substituting the processed caster sugar with coconut palm sugar you have a naturally healthy sweetener. The raw cacao is also a great healthier alternative to processed chocolate chips, because it hasn't had any fats or sugars added to it.

The key benefits of Coconut Palm Sugar:
- It has a low Glycemic Index of 35 compared to 70 of brown cane sugar. 
- Contains higher levels of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids than most other commercially available sweeteners and sugars.

The key benefits of Raw Cacao Nibs:

- Cacao is a tremendous superfood. 
- Essential minerals present in cacao are calcium, zinc, iron, copper and potassium. 
- It is also high in the ‘beauty minerals’ sulphur and magnesium.
- Natural mood enhancer

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