Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Weekend Away The Beauty Guide

With airport security limiting you to a small plastic bag for your carry on liquids it can be hard to know what to pack for a weekend away when your only taking hand luggage. I have managed to narrow down your beauty essentials so you can still do your full skincare routine while your away.

For the shower you'll need a mini shampoo and conditioner as well as a mini shower gel. I don't really mind which brands I use when I travel because I don't think one or two showers will really make a difference to my hair. I just grab any sort of mini from my draw of samples. However if you are traveling somewhere for work an know your going to have early mornings it's always nice to take a awakening scent shower gel, to give you a morning boost.

Fitting in your full skincare routine can be tricky especially if your picky with your products. What I do is try and find multi use products. I wouldn't usually use the same products in the morning and at night because evening skincare tends to be heavier than in the morning skincare but when you go away it really saves space to narrow it down.

Cleanser - I make sure I always take a good quality facial cleanser because after a flight, or being out all day its good to make sure your skin gets thoroughly clean. The cleanser I'm currently loving is the Lis Earle Cleanse & Polish and this is pretty easy to find in a travel friendly size.

Serum - Serums typically come is bulky glass bottles, I got this little NUDE facial serum in a beauty box and it's ideal for traveling as it sits well under makeup as well as being rich enough to use before bed.

Day moisturiser - It is important to use a day cream which contains an SPF because any exposure to the sun does damage to your skin. I like this Clarins HydraQuench Lotion because it is a nice lightweight consistency and sinks quickly into the skin.

Evening moisturiser - My skin always feels really dehydrated after flying so a heavy duty moisturiser is exactly what I need. The Glam Glow Thirsty Mud mask can be left on overnight which means you wake up with fresh feeling skin.

Mini toothpaste, an essential but you don't need a lot, take the smallest tube you have to maximise space. I also love to take a hair oil away with me, it's a great multipurpose product which can be used a prewash treatment, a finishing product and a UV protector.

Other top tips:

  • If your traveling with someone chat to them before hand to see if you can share some products, this will leave you both with some extra space to pack makeup.
  • Whenever you get given samples of products keep them for when you travel.
  • If possible keep hold of mini bottle (e.g. the L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil bottle) then you can refill it from the full size product you have at home.

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