Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Are beauty advent calendars worth the money?

This year was the first time I had ever bought myself a beauty advent calendar.  There are so many on the market now so it's hard to know which are good value for money and which will just fill your draws with unusable samples. I know the whole point of an advent calendar is to have a surprise everyday in the countdown to christmas but I personally think the advent calendars which tells you what your going to receive are the best ones because then you'll know for sure if you will actually use the products or not.

If you saw my post in October you will know how many calendars were available and the crazy prices some of the were sold at.  I went for the You Beauty Discovery advent calendar which was one of the most affordable calendars on the market. Priced at £49.95 + £4.95 p&p the advent calendar claimed to be worth £240.

I was actually really impressed with the You Beauty calendar and would recommend getting one if they make them again next year. The calendar came packed with a variety of different beauty related products ranging from high end brands to some more affordable brands. I found that it was a great way for me to try out some brands that I wouldn't normally pick up either because they are too expensive or because I had never heard of the brand before.

My best picks from the calendar were the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer which came in a really great luxury sample size, the Essie Hor d'oeuvres nail varnish which was great for the party season and Aromatherapy Associates candle which are usually really expensive so it was a real treat to get this cute travel sized one.

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