Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Formula X Nail Polish System

The Formula X Nail Polish System is an exclusive nail varnish system available in Sephora. Living in  England it is hard to get hold of this system but when my dad went to American he kindly picked my up a set along with two of the nail colours.

How the system works:

Its a simple 4 set system which is claims to leave you with a long lasting, salon quality manicure at home. This system is said to have twice the wear length of of normal nail polish with chip resistant colours.

Step 1: CLEANSE Nail Cleanser which is an essential salon secret the CLEANSE polish is infused with witch hazel, vitamin E, and cucumber extract to help rid nails of oil and residue and optimise base coat adherence.

Step 2: PRIME is the next step and is an advanced multitasking primer that works to prevent staining, aids in protecting the natural nail, and acts as an adhesive layer, allowing colour to take hold for a long-lasting manicure.
Step 3: Nail colour. 
Step 4: The final step is to seal in your manicure with SHINE, a super glossy, fast-drying top coat that delivers the ultimate gel-like shine and relentless stay-true colour. 

I have tried out both colours from this nail polish system and have to say they do live up to their long wearing claims. I think that the blue shade (Infatuated) wore longer on the nails. But because of the high glitter density of the glittery polish (Revolution) it was an easy nail varnish to touch up.

I would recommend buying the system if you can get your hands on it. Unfortunately these products can't be shipped to the UK but if you know anyone who can pick you one up it's worth asking for one. The nail polish system costs $32.00 which includes one nail colour of your choice, and the individual nail polishes cost $10.50. You don't necessarily need the whole system the nail varnishes are great on their own but if you want the extended long wear you will need the whole system.

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