Friday, 12 December 2014

You Beauty Discovery Advent Calendar Day 11 & 12

"Passionate experts in luxury tanning."
Vite Liberata

Day 11 is a Vita Liverata 20ml sample and mini tanning mit. I am not really much of a fake tanner because due to being so pale all fake tan do appear very "fake" on me. This tan looks to be a nice light gel texture and it doesn't have a smell at all which is a nice change from the traditional biscuity fake tan smell.

"You only get one face so look after it."

I am very excitied to try out this Glamglow Youthmud mask. The mask says its a Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment which has a tightening effect on the skin in 10mins or less. Knowing how expensive Glamglow is to buy I am looking forward to trying this sample out to see if its really worth it.

The texture of the treatment is a creamy base with chunky exfoliating particles.

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