Thursday, 4 September 2014

My in flight essentials

I have had a little break from blogging over the past few weeks as I have been on holiday in Thailand. I was away with my family and together we travelled around Thailand exploring as much of the country as we could. I’m going to be doing a short series of blogs, which are themed around my recent adventure. Starting with my in flight essentials.

The flight from London to Bangkok is around 11 hours and when im on a plane I my skin dries out big time. I took with me travel sized products which helped me stay feeling refreshed throughout the flight.

I took 11 products with me on the flight and they all came in very handy.

1.     Packet of tissues
A super handy thing to have because you never know when you’re going to need a tissue

2.     Elemis facial wipes
When I first get on the plane I like to take off all my makeup so that my skin doesn’t feel clogged up. I find this also helps me relax.

3.     Anatomicals face masks
As I said before my skin tends to dry out when im on a flight. This pack contains two sheet masks, which are really moist and feel amazing on the skin. The fact they are sheet masks as well means there’s no messy application or removal process.

4.     Burts Bees Lip Balm
This is one of my favourite lip balms as it doesn’t leave your lips feeling greasy just deliciously moisturised

5.     This works Deep Sleep duo
I really struggle to sleep and relax on planes so this duo of the spray and roller ball is great at helping me relax.

6.     Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour hand cream
I get really dry hands, which can get quite painful and this convenient travel sized hand cream is ideal to keep your hands moisturised on the go.

7.     Molton Brown Cedrus Temple Soother
This is supposed to be a stress relief essential. I massaged it onto my pressure points and temples and it helped to sooth flight nerves. I can’t say for sure if it was the actual products or the action of massaging my pressure points but anything that leaves me feeling less nervous is a winner.

8.     L’Occitane Shea Butter gentle cleanser
Simply a cool refreshing mist which leaves you feeling refreshed. I also had this in my handbag the whole trip as a light spritz felt amazing after walking round in the heat.

9.     L’Occitane Ultra rich face cream
Lovely thick and creamy, it is almost balm like in texture so it really retains moisture in the skin.

10.  Benefit eye cream
First time I have tried any of the benefit skin care and I am very impressed this really hydrated the eye area. Definatly worth a try if you get itchy dry eyes.

11.  Mouthwash
A mouth refresh always feels good after a flight.

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