Thursday, 31 July 2014

How I Strengthened My Nails

As a child I was a terrible nail biter and as a teen I swam around 14 hours a week. As a result my nails were flakey, brittle and broke all the time. I found it a real struggle to grow them. I tried many different things to help repair and grow my nails but nothing seemed to be working. I saw the Nails Inc weak, peeling, bendy nails? Solution kit when I was shopping in John Lewis and thought I may as well give it a try.

This is a multi product pack which was a pretty good price with a saving of £17. 

The pack contains; two full sized nail polishes, Hyde Park which is a nourishing treatment base coat and Albert Bridge top coat, a nail varnish remover wipe, buffer block and Vitamin E oil pen.

I have tried Opi strengthening polishes in the past but didn't use them with any consistency so didn't see any results. This time however I decided I would follow the instructions on the box and see the treatment through. The pack says to use the Hyde Park base coat on clean nails and apply a thin coat. This base coat can be worn under nail polishes or by itself. If wearing it by itself its good to reapply layers every two days to make sure the protection is still there. 

The Vitamin E Oil Pen is probably my favourite item in this pack and I think this is made the real difference to my nails strength. I apply a layer of oil to my nails every night before bed and have found that this has really nourished my cuticles and stopped my nails becoming dry and splitting. 

I have been using this system since January and the results are amazing. My nails are now no longer brittle and don't split anymore. I am now able to wear my nails longer without the fear of them breaking all the time. I haven't been using these products alone though. Asides from using this Nails Inc system I have been doing some other things which I think have all come together to improve the state of my nails.

Ways to Improve Your Nails

- Drink more water, having very dry nails can be a sign that your body is dehydrated
- Take your Vitamins, I have started taking Hair, Skin and Nails supplements daily
- Apply Hand Cream, keeping your hands hydrated will hydrate your nails
- Drink milk, I know this won't be for everyone but I think it makes your nails stronger
- Find a Nail Treatment that works, the Nails Inc Hyde Park base coat works for me.
- Use a nail oil, directly applying it to your cuticles with give a moisture boast.
- Get Gels done, the thick protective layer of a Gel manicure provents nail breakages

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