Friday, 7 March 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss Collection

Beauty Blogger and YouTube personality Tanya Burr launched her own Lip Gloss and Nail Collection at the end of January. I have been a fan of both her blog and YouTube channel for a while now so I was pretty excited to give these products a go.

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The collection has 12 lip glosses in total 6 shimmery glosses and 6 creamy glosses. All the names were chosen by Tanya Burr herself and have a personal connection to her.

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A wide range of colours is available all of which are easily wearable shades. I chose 2 for the collection to try out.

I picked these shades 'Vampire Kiss' and 'Picnic In The Park' as they looked like they'd suit my pale skin tone best. I also went for the creamy finish ones rather then the shimmer as I wanted to mainly wear them in the day. 

I have worn these glosses a lot, they leave your lips feeling sort and silky with no stickiness. They are highly pigmented so you don't have to use a lipstick underneath to ensure a bold colour. The glosses also have a lovely taste and smell of strawberries and cream, which was a nice surprise when I first applied the gloss. 

The glosses are available for purchase from Feel Unique, Superdrug, Cloud 10 Beauty and Pom.

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