Thursday, 27 February 2014

Red Carpet Manicure

I have been using Red Carpet Manicure gel nails for about a year now. Available to buy online Red Carpet Manicure is an easy to use at home system for gel nails. 

I used to spend around £30 to get my gels done at salons and figured that having an at home system would save me a lot of money in the long run. Priced at £89.95 for the Professional Starter Kit you get all you need to create long wearing nail colour. 

The kit contains: The Professional LED light with timer function, Purify the pre and post application cleanser (59ml), Prep max adhesion sanitiser (9ml), Structure base coat gel (9ml), Brilliance seal and shine top coat gel (9ml), Erase gel nail polish remover (59ml), Revitalise nourishing cuticle oil and the LED Gel Polish (9ml) Red Carpet Reddy. 

The kit contains all you need to get started, it comes complete with a step by step instruction booklet so you know exactly how to do your nails.

The manicure itself is very simple to do but is quite time consuming. Here is a brief step by step process of your manicure.

1. Purify nails with the Purify solution using a fibre free cotton wool pad.
2. Apply the Prep coat to your nails.
3. Apply the first gel coat of the Structure base coat, I make sure the tips of the nails are completely covered because if you miss a bit the gel may peel after a few days. Set the coat under the LED lamp for the pre timed amount.
4. Apply the first thin layer of LED Gel Polish. Set the coat for pre timed amount. I tend to repeat this stage three times to build up a strong colour.
5. Set the gels with the Brilliance seal and shine top coat. Set the coat under the LED lamp for the pre timed amount. I tend to give it once extra blast with the light to make sure it's completely set.
6. Rub off the sticky residue with the Purify solution again using a fibre free cotton wool pad.

The final result is a high gloss chip free finish. Im a very hands on person so I find the manicure will last me at least 5 days before any peeling occurs. I know that for others it lasts much longer. On your toes it last for up to 4 weeks and only needs to be changed due to nail growth.

Here I have used two colours 130 You Like Me, You Really Like Me and 162 Glitteratzzi.

Red Carpet has a wide range of colours available all of which are available off their website, the only place I have seen them in stores has been in John Lewis where a limited selection is available.

These are all the colours I own and they are good long lasting. The only colour which I have a minor issue with is the pink shade 111 I Simply Love Your Nails as I find the pink tend to fade and the colour becomes a bit washed out after a few days of being worn.

Overall its a great product to have as it makes getting gels much cheaper then visiting the salon. Also being able to change your nail colour more often is great. The gels are easy to remove with the Erase solution, simply apply to cotton wool and leave on nails for around 5 minutes, wrapping tin foil around finger tips helps the cotton wool stay on.

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