Monday, 17 February 2014

e.l.f Dupes and Product Review

I have read online that e.l.f cosmetics (eyeslipsface) are great dupes for many Nars, Dior and other top branded products. I thought I would see what all the hype was about. Having never previously used this brand I was interested to see what the product quality would be like. There website have an extensive range of products which are all at low prices. They often also have offers running which provides and even bigger saving. 

Here is all the products which I ordered. All these products including postage and packing came to a total of £16.89 due to the amazing offer they had on that day. Which is considerably cheaper then any Nars products.

The first product I was really excited to my hands on was the bronzer palette in Golden. It is a great dupe for Dior Amber Diamond. This product priced at only £3.75 is a massive saving compared to that of £32.00 for the Dior alternative.

The packaging for the product is good quality, very similar in look and feel to the Nars packaging. The product itself is a nice consistency, it feels light on the skin and gives you a lovely natural glow. I have a very pale skin tone and was concerned that this would make me look a little orange, but with a light powdering there is no orange sheen at all. Overall a very nice product.

A product I hadn't heard to much about but that caught my eye on the website were the individual eyeshadows. There is quite a large colour range available but I went for some pretty neutral colours as they are the most wearable. Priced at only £3.75 each, with an additional saving available when you by three, they are once again great value.

Here are some swatches of the eyeshadows, the lighter colours don't show up to well on my hand because they have a very sheer finish, but would be good to use for highlighting the inner eye and brow. Im not as impressed with the eye shadows as I am with the bronzer because they aren't very pigmented. They will be good for day time use to give a suitable hit of colour or highlight but I don't think they would be suitable for creating a dramatic smokey eye look.

To prevent having a super long single blog I am going to split the reviews over a few blogs over the next week.

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